Jake 5 Months

Sweet Boy JacobHi – my name is Jacob but you can call me Jake! Dad told me I am 5 months old today. I was born on April 15, 2016 and for the first 4 1/2 months of my life I lived on a ranch in Florida. My Mom’s name is Ruby and my Dad’s name is Tried and True. What a weird name – but Dad told me that’s becuase my Dad is a tri-colored Tibetan Terrier which is pretty cool.Sweet Boy Jacob

Sweet Boy JacobNot me!  I am mostly black except for what my Dad calls my t-shirt, sneakers, Michael Jackson Glove and a dashing white cape. What in the world is a Michael Jackson glove? Very curious.

When I lived on the ranch I was with other dogs and these funny looking miniature horses. I lived outside and had lots to explore and other dogs to play with. When Dad brought me home I was like ‘Whoa – what in the world just happened!’ But it’s cool now because I really like living with Dad in our little house on the beach.Sweet Boy Jacob

I’m still sort of getting used to my new life. Mostly I just hang with Dad. We take two long walks everyday and I get to go to the beach and that’s pretty cool. I love Dad rubbing on me and playing on the floor in the living room with my toys. There is some stuff I don’t like – loud noises and car rides top the list. But no matter what Dad is always there and is very patient while I grow up.Sweet Boy Jacob

Dad says I am his new best friend. I like the sound of that! He told me that he has had a lot of best friends and of all of them I am most like Sammy. The big difference is that Sammy used to love riding in the car. I am getting a little more used to it – we’ll see.

Sweet Boy Jacob

So I am still trying to figure all of this out but mostly I really like living with Dad in our little house on the beach. I got this huge backyard to explore and Dad’s always there with me. Life is great!

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