Christmas Trip

2013 – The End (of the year)

I spent last Christmas in Idaho. The highlight was two days of skiing at Brundage Mountain — my first time back on the sticks in nearly thirteen years.

Like they say – it’s like riding a bicycle. Within an hour or two I felt the old rhythm coming back. I have to say that the equipment – particularly the skis – have changed. Instead of 210 cm it was more like 160 – 170 cm and at least twice as wide. It was weird at first – being on such short skis. But after a while I really appreciated how much easier they are to turn and how well the absorb vibration.

I stayed at Bear Creek Lodge just outside of McCall. You could see the ski mountain from the lodge. It was a very nice lodge and I enjoyed talking with the guy that owned the place.

It was an interesting end to 2013. I can tell you that it will not be another 13 years before I ski again though!

You can view a full HD version on my YouTube channel.

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