First Half 2017

Some pictures from the first part of 2017.


New drums! Jake loves the Kayak! Renovation phase one complete for Valhalla! And the best fucking sunrises and sunsets on the face of the planet!

Early Morning Atlas V Launch

Pre-dawn launch of Atlas V carrying U.S. Navy advanced tactical communications satellite into orbit to join a growing network designed to aid U.S. military forces stationed around the world took place on September 2. The launch occurred about 1/2 hour before dawn. I was at Canova Beach at the end of the Eau Gallie Causeway where I often start my mornings watch the sunrise after swimming. The launch went off without a hitch and the one of the most spectacular visual events took place I have ever witnessed. As the rocket rose it came into the path of the morning sunrise. The vapor trail started to grow and had a sheen like sparkle to it. This (I believe) was the hot gases coming out of the rocket was a plasma where the electrons had been stripped of their atoms and were excited by the sunlight – exactly the same effect you see in atmospheric phenomenon like the northern lights. What an unexpected treat!