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Working for IBM

I am grateful to have been able to work as a contractor for IBM the past couple of years. I work as a User Experience and Web Designer for the portal they use to support their Business Partners: PartnerWorld.

Here’s the top 5 things that make this one of the best jobs – if not the best job – I have ever had:

  • I work at home – and most everybody else I work with does the same
  • I have had two of the best bosses in my working career
  • I’ve only met a handful of assholes and even they weren’t that bad
  • I get to do what I love – design and apply what I’ve learned – technology marketing – best of both worlds
  • I really like the people I work with and they go out of the way to let each other know how much they appreciate what you do

Case in point:


And that was for simply fixing something I originally screwed up. Imagine that.

Seriously though, I had no idea how good a company IBM is to work for. They treat their contractors great and some have worked there for 15+ years. I never realized how progressive they were with minorities and the handicap over the years. I am astounded at how much they give back including employees working in foreign countries to help their people.

I am glad I was able to save the best for last. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had some really great (and really suck) jobs over the years – but this one is just about perfect.