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25 Years of the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee - First Web Server circa 1989
Tim Berners-Lee – First Web Server circa 1989

It’s hard to believe that the Internet was created twenty five years ago by Tim Berners-Lee. I don’t know what’s hard to believe – that it is 25 years old or what has happened over those years as a result.

For one thing – it provides me with a living. I had been interested in software since under graduate school and it has been the foundation of everything I have done professionally. I remember using the Internet for the first time when I worked at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins. I bought my first computer in 1990 and quickly got on-line with CompuServe. In those days it was mostly about email and bulletin boards. Soon after I started using it at work I was able to remotely logon at home.

My First Amazon Purchase 1998
My First Amazon Purchase 1998
I remember taking my laptop on a trip to visit my girlfriend at the time and showed her. That would have been in early 1995. After I moved to Atlanta in 1996 I started using it daily at home and at work. I remember that I started buying on-line in 1997. circa 2009 circa 2009

About the same time I secured the domain and started building my first web site with Microsoft FrontPage. I had started using FrontPage to manage part of a website at work that I used to get information to our business partners – now I work on what has to be the biggest business partner portal there is at IBM.

It was not until 2009 that I finally learned HTML and started using Dreamweaver (along with the other Adobe products) to build websites.

It has been amazing being in on something from pretty much the first start. If I only knew back then what it would become – well – it would be interesting to say for sure!

V3 Now Live!

I am happy to tell you that i am ‘releasing’ V3 after about a day and one-half learning V3

Figuring out exactly where to go in the CSS remains a bit of a mystery – quite obviously WordPress is very sophisticated. Equally as interesting was to see how different applications work and how new features can be added to (or removed from) the interface. I have linked all of my other sites to the Sites menu in the upper right.

V3 Progress

Life being what it is

3 Aps
3 Aps

I have decided to learn more about WordPress and blogging. So I dug into how to build a stand-alone test environment. Interestingly enough within a couple of hours i had installed WAMP, WordPress, and MySQL Workbench – and had it actually working. I have always never had much luck trying to build a web environment on my computer but it seems like it’s gotten a lot more easy.

Styling with CSS
Styling with CSS

The integration with Dreamweaver is just like with any other site. Right now i am learning how to customize the site using CSS only but look forward to also learning php.

I am looking forward to learning more and customizing the site further.