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Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

Jake & I spent Christmas week with Mom and brother Dave & Fam in Panama City Beach. I got Mom a cedar glider for Christmas. Jake got to play with Bonnie and met Elly Mae for the first time.

Mom, Eddie & Jake
Christmas 2017 Panama City

Carl was able to make it home. He’s just a great young man & I am so proud of both him and his brother Adam. They both live in Seattle – Adam works as a analyst with HUD and Carl is an Engineer working on large machines that build composite aircraft parts.

Christmas in Panama City

Lisa cooked a great Christmas dinner (as always) and everyone enjoyed!

Christmas 2017

Vacation 2017

Scaly Mountian North Carolina & The Appalachian Mountains

Jake and I spent a week at Dave & Lisa’s cabin at Scaly Mountain in North Carolina. At the end of the trip, we drove to see my grandparent’s old house in Gate City VA.

Highlights and impressions!

Best Weiner Schnitzel west of Vienna at Wolfgang’s in Highlands (I first ate here about 20 years ago – still a fixture in the Highlands).

Rain all day Monday – Laura brought it with her when she came ūüėČ charged the waterfalls and made for two great hikes to see them.

Jake loves to hike – does great on the trails!

Almost got lost on the trail on the way out on the second hike! Jake assured me everything would be just fine.

Asheville NC reminded me of a smaller version of Atlanta complete with bad traffic and a snarled up downtown. However – everyone I saw looked like an ad for REI! It does, however, boast to be the most friendly dog city in the South (or some such).

Beautiful drive to Gate City from the cabin. This must have been a similar route we traveled in the 60s but with no interstates. Gorgeous scenery!

Gate City and surrounding area seemed about the same as I remembered 50+ years ago except the cars were newer :-0

First Half 2017

Some pictures from the first part of 2017.


New drums! Jake loves the Kayak! Renovation phase one complete for Valhalla! And the best fucking sunrises and sunsets on the face of the planet!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Panama City Florida

Steven Wilson

Plaza Live – Orlando – November 2016

Jake Fall 2016

He’s a fine young fellow! A handsome young lad!

Jake 5 Months

Sweet Boy JacobHi – my name is Jacob but you can call me Jake! Dad told me I am 5 months old today. I was born on April 15, 2016 and for the first 4 1/2 months of my life I lived on a ranch in Florida. My Mom’s name is Ruby and my Dad’s name is Tried and True. What a weird name – but Dad told me that’s becuase my Dad is a tri-colored Tibetan Terrier which is pretty cool.Sweet Boy Jacob

Sweet Boy JacobNot me!  I am mostly black except for what my Dad calls my t-shirt, sneakers, Michael Jackson Glove and a dashing white cape. What in the world is a Michael Jackson glove? Very curious.

When I lived on the ranch I was with other dogs and these funny looking miniature horses. I lived outside and had lots to explore and other dogs to play with. When Dad brought me home I was like ‘Whoa – what in the world just happened!’ But it’s cool now because¬†I really like living with Dad in our little house on the beach.Sweet Boy Jacob

I’m still sort of getting used to my new life. Mostly I just hang with Dad. We take two long walks everyday and I get to go to the beach and that’s pretty cool. I love Dad rubbing on me and playing on the floor in the living room with my toys. There is some stuff I don’t like – loud noises and car rides top the list. But no matter what Dad is always there and is very patient while I grow up.Sweet Boy Jacob

Dad says I am his new best friend. I like the sound of that! He told me that he has had a lot of best friends and of all of them I am most like Sammy. The big difference is that Sammy used to love riding in the car. I am getting a little more used to it – we’ll see.

Sweet Boy Jacob

So I am still trying to figure all of this out but mostly I really like living with Dad in our little house on the beach. I got this huge backyard to explore and Dad’s always¬†there with me. Life is great!

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
12 weeks

Jacob was born on April 15, 2016 at Dolbrooks Tibetan Terriers near Lake City in Florida. His parents are Dolbrooks Tried and True (Sire) and Dolbrooks Ruby Begonia of Jetsan (Dam).  He was 19 weeks old when I met him and brought him back to his forever home.

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
Not a happy camper

When I met him he seemed to be very happy, a bit shy, and got along great with the other dogs that were there. He was raised outside and had never been indoors.  He did not like the car ride home, eventually he climbed into the back of the car and hid until we got home.

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
A fine young lad!

He was very disoriented and frightened when we got home but soon became more comfortable with what was going on. He took to the lead right away and now loves his walks. The breeder told me he liked the water and he took to the beach right away following me into the surf on his first visit.

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
Exploring the backyard

It didn’t take me long to come up with his registered name – Sweet Boy Jacob. He loves to be held and petted, is very calm and will lay in my lap or next to me for rubs for hours. He’s still pretty shy around other people but getting more confident every day. We did our first trip to the hardware story yesterday and he did great! He sticks close by but also spends time by himself while Dad is working.

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
Hey – what you lookin at?

I was was a bit¬†apprehensive about getting Jacob after Buddy passed but any concern melted quickly away after this sweet little boy stole my heart. I am truly blessed to have such a happy, gentle and loving new best friend. I see more of Sammy in Jacob but as he’s become more comfortable in his new environment I can also see some of Buddy in him too. He’s definitely got a rascally side to him!

Dolbrooks Sweet Boy Jacob
I love the beach!

I am so happy to have a new best friend!

Dolbrooks Best Friend Buddy

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long –

and you have burned so very, very brightly, Buddy.


I just love this place
I just love this place

Hi everybody, my name is Buddy and I died on July 16. Apparently there was something wrong with my heart even though I never knew anything. My Dad told me a couple of days before that I was 5 months old now and a fine young fellow. I was just a puppy so I was not sure exactly what that meant but I know that my Dad must be very sad right now. I never really knew what sad was because the time I spent with my Dad was awesome.

Hey do I look good with my sand makeup?
Hey do I look good with my sand makeup?

So I am here now to tell Dad that everything is OK. You were a good Dad and my whole life revolved around you. You always took time to play with me and I know you always tried to be patient with me.

Boy do I like to get dirty!
Boy do I like to get dirty!

I learned to love our walks, time at the beach and the time at the dog park where I was making new friends. I loved it when you put me on your belly in the bed and rubbed me all over. I loved it when you put the welding glove on and let me fight with you.

Yep - completely lost my mind!
Yep – completely lost my mind!

I loved it when I got to run around like I had lost my mind in the backyard and came into the house with dirt head to toe. I loved that you took me to see your friends like Rick & Myhra and Robin & Kathy and their kitties, chickens and ducks.  I loved it when you took me for car rides, held me in your lap, let me sniff the wind and throw my head back for kisses.

Leaping lizards Larry!
Leaping lizards Larry!

I loved it that whenever you filled up your cup with ice you gave me a piece and I kicked it around the house. I loved it when you gave me treats. I loved it when you let me in the closet and I could drag out all of your shoes.

What do you mean I have to stay off the dunes!
What do you mean I have to stay off the dunes!

I know I was maybe a bad boy when I knocked the bowl of Spaghetti over a couple of weeks ago and you were mad – but you played with me after a couple of minutes and I knew everything was going to be OK. We had such good times together and I miss you.

I know he's here somewhere!
I know he’s here somewhere!

Dad – I know you feel lost right now and I wish I was still there to let you hold me in your lap and brush me, lick your face and try and bite you when you weren’t looking. But I am not and that’s OK. Everything is exactly the way it supposed to be because otherwise it would be different. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Nope - just some stinky seaweed
Nope – just some stinky seaweed

I remember just a couple of weeks ago I was running around like a crazed monkey in the backyard – you were standing on the deck and you were smiling. But this is what you didn’t know – because I am a puppy and we have some special powers – I could¬†sometime read your mind.

Our morning walk to the beach!
Our morning walk to the beach!

I know that day you were thinking how how much fun it was to see me so happy and that you hoped you would never take it for granted. Don’t worry – you won’t.

May it ever shine so bright!
May it ever shine so bright!

So I am now at the Rainbow bridge and the first dogs to meet me were Sammy, Annie, Max, LuLu and Spot. So we are now hanging out together and it’s really cool here. Lots of place to run around and play with the other puppies. There are beaches and big ass piles of dirt for me to dig it. I am OK and can’t wait to see you again. And it’s OK that you find another best friend.


Dancing the light fandango!
Dancing the light fandango!

Rest in peace my precious little boy. Our time together was brief and filled with the Puppy Dog Light. I’ll never forget the time we spent together and how very much you taught me to live in gratitude¬†for each precious moment we have.