Sunrise and Sunset

Thank God that’s over

After a surreal weekend back in Atlanta I am happy to say that I have successfully extracted myself completely. Surgically one might say – ouch! Once I complete my Georgia tax return for 2014 I’ll hopefully never have anything more to do with the state I never intended to live in. 19 years later!

I am so grateful my Creator has this wonderful sense of humor and has placed all these children of his in my path to learn from, love and – in some cases – touch their souls. I am grateful that I have had that gift given to me and I will cherish the good and grow from the less-than-good.

It’s taken me a long time to understand that my only role as a human being is to be of maximum service to my fellow man. To love my fellow man and treat everyone as a child of God and a person of worth. It’s taken me a long time to understand that to love another means to treat them with respect, show compassion & empathy, provide encouragement, lack any ill-will or manipulation, and to be honest in my relationship with everyone I know. It’s taken me a long time to understand that I am no better – or no worse – than anyone. We are all the same in the eyes of our Creator.

I could have never understood this without all that has brought me to this point – all the beautiful souls that I have known. I understand now that life is a gift – not some kind of burden to be born. I understand that every moment I have a choice to look at things as if nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle. I understand that I have a choice to be right or to be free and happy. I understand it’s my choice to let go or be dragged until the road rash is painful enough.

Honesty, Acceptance, Humility, Faith and Love. These are my goals now. Look at each moment as a miracle, each moment as a gift. To turn my thoughts and actions to the positive and avoid the negative.

And to my detractors I can only say that the truth will set you free. I harbor no ill-will, no hatred or resentment – that only hurts me. I don’t answer to anyone but my Creator. Live long and prosper as Mr. Spock would say.

0.2 Miles


I will be moving from Atlanta to Satellite Beach Florida next month. The map is my walk to the beach.

I am so grateful that my job with IBM allows me the freedom to live anywhere. As a new chapter unfolds in my life I am looking forward to this dream I have had for a long time of moving back. I have lived in some beautiful parts of the US (and Germany) but have felt the tug back home since I left nearly 40 years ago.

I have had to make some of the most difficult choices in my life recently. Yet somehow I approached these changes – at least in part – in a way I have never done before. I am grateful to all of life’s experiences, my friends and especially my family in my journey.

I leave Atlanta with my buddy Samwise, now 10 years old, to start this new chapter in my life. I leave here in Atlanta my best friend, my canine girlfriends and all the people who have touched my life the past 18 years. For never intending to live in Atlanta I ended up living here longer than anywhere else in my journey. I’m grateful that I have made these connections. Most importantly I have let others touch my life here like never before in my lifetime and I intend to nourish these friendships for as long as I can.

Working for IBM

I am grateful to have been able to work as a contractor for IBM the past couple of years. I work as a User Experience and Web Designer for the portal they use to support their Business Partners: PartnerWorld.

Here’s the top 5 things that make this one of the best jobs – if not the best job – I have ever had:

  • I work at home – and most everybody else I work with does the same
  • I have had two of the best bosses in my working career
  • I’ve only met a handful of assholes and even they weren’t that bad
  • I get to do what I love – design and apply what I’ve learned – technology marketing – best of both worlds
  • I really like the people I work with and they go out of the way to let each other know how much they appreciate what you do

Case in point:


And that was for simply fixing something I originally screwed up. Imagine that.

Seriously though, I had no idea how good a company IBM is to work for. They treat their contractors great and some have worked there for 15+ years. I never realized how progressive they were with minorities and the handicap over the years. I am astounded at how much they give back including employees working in foreign countries to help their people.

I am glad I was able to save the best for last. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had some really great (and really suck) jobs over the years – but this one is just about perfect.


I was talking to a friend recently about music. I made the statement that modern music is largely devoid of musicality and sounds very synthesized and repetitive. That got me thinking about the artists I loe and the ‘musicality’ of their playing.

Several of my long term favorite artists have over the years recorded their compositions with a large orchestra. The results have always been breath-taking to me.

OrkestPat Metheny and the Metropol Orkest

The Metropol Orkest is a jazz and pop orchestra based in the Netherlands, and is the largest full-time ensemble of its kind in the world. A hybrid orchestra, it is a combination of jazz big band and symphony orchestra. In the early 2000s, Pat played several of his best known compositions including First Circle, Are You Going with Me..? and others. While not available on an recording (that I know of), the videos are on YouTube.

Peter Gabriel: New Blood - Live in London [Blu-ray] (2011)Peter Gabriel New Blood

This gem was released several years ago but I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. With Peter now ion his Front to Back tour, I decided to give it at watch / listen on BluRay. Un-fucking-believable! This orchestra is amazing. I especially love San Jacinto and The Rhythm Of The Heat – both of which brought me to tears. Peter is getting so plump now he reminded me of a monk of some kind!

Jaco Pastorius Big Band
Jaco Pastorius Big Band – Word of Mouth Revisited

Jaco Pastorius Big Band

I just picked this up the other day after listen to a cut of ‘Havona’ on Pandora. It blew me away as does the album. Each song features a well known bassist like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Jimmy Haslip and Christian McBride (in addition to Jaco himself). My favorite tracks are the ones he recorded with Weather Report including Havona, Teen Town, Punk Jazz… the list goes on!

51gfBVlUQzLBrown Street – Joe Zawinul and the WDR Big Band

This came out in 2005 and is one of my favorites. Basically the music of Weather Report done big band style. Like the Jaco Pastorius Big Band recording, it’s breath taking to hear the well known passages done with a big band flavor. Joe was always big on the “World Music” scene so the result is sort of a Weather Report meets Big Band meets World Music sort of thing. Also especially meaningful since Joe’s passing several years ago.

Funny Pictures

I like browsing Reddit’s and save the funnier ones I’ve found. Here are some of them.

Funny Face
Zebrafish Embryo

Zebrafish Embryo

This little guy is a four-day-old zebrafish embryo, measuring about one centimeter in length.

The zebrafish is a tropical, freshwater fish that comes from Asia. The creature is often used to study developmental biology and neurodegeneration — the deterioration of nerve cells — in vertebrates. Last year, researchers used calcium ions to record the neurons firing in a zebrafish embryo.

This false-color photo is actually three scanning electron micrographs digitally stitched together.


This one made me laugh so hard because it so well describes what I do while doing my DIY projects.  I still can’t find some of the tools that I used, put somewhere and forgot. And not only do I stare into space a lot but I dream about my projects and how I am going to solve some particular problem. Drives me fucking nuts sometimes but I always seem to come up with a solution.

Weather Channel Funny
The Weather Channel – Tell It Like It Is!

The Weather Channel

Although I don’t actually watch the weather channel much (unless their is a major catastrophe taking place) it pretty much sums up my view in general of TV when something ‘bad’ happens.  I laughed so hard when I saw this one I nearly shit myself. Especially the picture of the exploding earth in the lower left.


Vanilla Fudge


I was reading the the April issue of Prog magazine and came across an article about the Vanilla Fudge. I hadn’t thought of them for many years.

I remember in the mid sixties when I first heard their rendition of Ticket to Ride. I was fascinated by their cover. I went on to buy a couple of their albums including the misunderstood The Beat Goes On.


It had perhaps their best know song – the cover of Donovan’s Season of the Witch.

In the article Jon Anderson of Yes describes how the album influenced their band to do covers including Simon and Garfunkel’s Looking for America. I listened to the album after reading the article and was shocked at how similar parts of it were to what Yes went on and did. I guess they truly were a Prog band and I didn’t know it.

Finally, one of the Albums that I always linked to Vanilla Fudge was Beck, Bogart and Appice. What I remember most was their cover of Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious. Carmine Appice’s drumming on that song in particular really did it for me. Next up on my list.


25 Years of the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee - First Web Server circa 1989
Tim Berners-Lee – First Web Server circa 1989

It’s hard to believe that the Internet was created twenty five years ago by Tim Berners-Lee. I don’t know what’s hard to believe – that it is 25 years old or what has happened over those years as a result.

For one thing – it provides me with a living. I had been interested in software since under graduate school and it has been the foundation of everything I have done professionally. I remember using the Internet for the first time when I worked at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins. I bought my first computer in 1990 and quickly got on-line with CompuServe. In those days it was mostly about email and bulletin boards. Soon after I started using it at work I was able to remotely logon at home.

My First Amazon Purchase 1998
My First Amazon Purchase 1998
I remember taking my laptop on a trip to visit my girlfriend at the time and showed her. That would have been in early 1995. After I moved to Atlanta in 1996 I started using it daily at home and at work. I remember that I started buying on-line in 1997. circa 2009 circa 2009

About the same time I secured the domain and started building my first web site with Microsoft FrontPage. I had started using FrontPage to manage part of a website at work that I used to get information to our business partners – now I work on what has to be the biggest business partner portal there is at IBM.

It was not until 2009 that I finally learned HTML and started using Dreamweaver (along with the other Adobe products) to build websites.

It has been amazing being in on something from pretty much the first start. If I only knew back then what it would become – well – it would be interesting to say for sure!

Pat Metheny Unity Group Live

I went to see the Pat Metheny Unity Group play at the Ferst Center on the Georgia Tech campus. What a great show! Along with 3 encores the band played nearly 3 hours – for a mere $59. Seems like one of the best deals I’ve had recently.

Pat Metheny with the Pikasso guitar
Pat Metheny with the Pikasso guitar

Pat opened the show solo on the Pikasso guitar. As he started a new song he was joined by Ben Williams (bass), Chris Potter (woodwinds) and my man Antonio Sanchez (drums). They played several songs off of the Unity Band release including Roof Dogs – one of my favorites off that effort. They also did a rendition of James – this was the first time I think I heard Pat do this live. Pat then talked about the transition from the Unity Band to the Unity Group, introduced Giulio Carmassi (on piano and vocals), and launched into the new release Kin(←→). Up to this point the robots had been asleep. Pat now woke them up and they accompanied every song through the end of the show at this point. They played several songs. It seems like a custom now with Pat to play a song with each member of the band individually. Finally, they ended the concert with Have You Heard. Three encores ensued: on the first they played ‘Are You Going With Me’ with Chris Potter on his alto flute, the second song which I can’t remember now and finally solo Baritone guitar from Pat playing a melody including ‘This is not America’.

Antonio Sanchez
Antonio Sanchez

Pat’s playing was his customary brilliance as was Antonio. Antonio has added a new sound to his set – sounded almost like my old ribbon crasher. He has also given up the left foot cow bell for a tambourine – which I have to say is a better mix with the music. I spent about half the time on the binoculars watching (and perhaps wishing I could be) him.

Chris Potter
Chris Potter

The two players that I have much more respect now are Chris and Ben. Chris’s reed work – on tenor and soprano saxes, flutes, bass clarinet and even guitar on Rise Up – is simply exceptional. Ben Williams playing seemed to stand out much more than when I saw him a couple of years ago. It’s so funny watching him – he looks like an overgrown teenager.

Ben Williams
Ben Williams

He did a couple of solos that had me weeping. Giulio’s piano and vocals added a welcome familiar touch to the music but I thought it was interesting he was way back on the stage – sort of like a guest. We’ll see if he continues on with Pat – I certainly like what he’s done for the group – especially the variety of instruments he plays on the recording.

And then there is the Orchestrion. For this incarnation Pat brought along the bottles (my favorite), several bells / xylophone, a large marimba (with the back end lifted up so you could watch it play), assorted percussion and other noise makers.

Pat Metheny with part of his Orchestrion
Pat Metheny with part of his Orchestrion
It really adds a lot of complexity, generally pretty subtle, and a ‘lush’ quality to the tracks. I dig that he’s continued to use it since the Orchestrion album came out in 2010.

I love the sound this new band has – similar in some ways to the old PMG (it was nice to hear Piano again) – but in other ways very different. One thing for sure is that the incorporation of the Orchestrion and Chris Potters woodwinds adds many new textures. In some ways it was more like The Way Up than older PMG efforts. Some of the new compositions have a very new feel to them. That’s what I love about Pat’s music over the years – always evolving but with that immediately recognizable ‘Pat’ sound.

Chris Potter, Giulio Carmassi, Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez, Pat Metheny
Chris Potter, Giulio Carmassi, Ben Williams, Antonio Sanchez, Pat Metheny